Senior Casual

Celebrate those all-important senior year milestones with professional portraits that highlight your senior’s story and personality. Props are a great way for us to define who each senior is in photographs. A prop might be a car, dance costume, sports uniform, or even books, if the student is an avid reader. We want to capture all of the student’s interests; the things in their lives that make them unique!


How do I prepare for my senior casual photoshoot?

A.We always advise seniors to focus on having complete outfits, head to toe. Always remember that accessories are as important as the shirt that you choose. Laying out your complete outfits and taking a quick photo of them will help you remember all the pieces for your complete outfit. On the day of your photo shoot it is important to have all of your clothes organized and on hangers. Attaching a bag to each outfit is great way to keep your shoes, accessories and jewelry organized per outfit. Remember that complete outfits are a key to a successful photograph.

What do I bring to show that I play a sport?

A.If you are a soccer player, you need to make sure that you have your soccer ball, cleats, correct socks, pads, etc.