Eastern Shore Photographers

Behind the Lens

Gina Ames was raised along-side the marsh on a small family farm in Quinby, VA. As a child she was always a vivid lover of expression whether it came from her hilarious family and friends or studying at Virginia Wesleyan many different artists who painted their expressions. In her adult life, this love transpired into photographing the reactions and moments of others. Her passion is driven by those beautiful and authentic moments where expression is shown. When Gina is not with her sweet husband, Tyler and their adorable daughters, Summer and Carsyn, she can be found teaching children at Broadwater Academy or capturing moments of other's behind a camera lens.

Fun/Emabarrassing Facts about Gina:

She is obsessed with her spray tan machine but doesn't look like she rolled in a bag of Doritos.  

She knows every word to Mariah Carey song and could belt a song out at any moment.

Her 120 pound dog is her first born child. His full name is Fielder Dog Ames.

She met her husband at the Exmore Diner. He stalked her in a non-creepy sort of way!  

If she wasn't an art teacher, she would be a profession investigator. Trust me, she is sneaky!

Eastern Shore Photographers

Jeana Horner was born and raised on the good ol' Eastern Shore of Virginia where she spent most of her childhood outside exploring nature.  Choosing photography as an elective in school was one the best decisions she ever made.  Countless hours behind the lens and in the darkroom became a passion of hers.  In her adulthood, she switched from only capturing nature shots to priceless moments between loved ones! She enjoys capturing emotion in photographs and creating unique keepsakes for people!  When she isn't spending time with her son, Mason, and husband, Ryan, she is improving the quality of life for the hard of hearing at Chesapeake Bay ENT!

Fun Facts about Jeana:

Even though she hasn't been in a stand for a year, she enjoys deer hunting!

She had a serious toe accident due to dancing too much in heels!

She loves to run but seriously loves food more!

If there was a closer movie theater, she would be there at least once a week!

She knows how to make sushi...bring the tuna and she will whip out a roll!